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The continuing story of 'Priscilla', in pictures.

 After being jacked and tied back in to shape (using Spanish windlasses), and all loose plank-ends fastened, all exterior hull fittings removed, and woodwork primed.....the process of applying the steel begins (her port fore-quarter has already been started on in these two pics).



 'Plastering day', and the new 'Priscilla', begins to take shape.



  After being sheathed and in the hands of her new owner, 'Priscilla', looked and performed every bit as good as before.

Above...being launched to be taken round to her berth for the final part of the refit of her deckworks (note her counter stern now holds it's own even though the rails and bulwarks are not yet rebuilt). Below.. she is seen back in action again, winning another of the many East Coast regattas.