Sheathing In Ferro-Cement

By Colin Brookes.mSNAME.amRINA.

The sheathing of old wooden constructed boats with ferro-cement is

a tried and proven process that has been in use for at least 35 years.

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It describes in detail how to ferro-sheath wooden boats.

First, a sequence of pictures showing the stages in the process I used

on a small sailboat. The subject boat was a 'Yachting World 5 ton', sailboat

of good performance but poorly built and thought unsalvageable. The hull and

frames were of softwood, and showing signs of rapid deterioration. The keel

bolts were almost waisted, and had been cast within an iron keel.

On completion of the project, the boat was lighter by almost half a ton than at the start.

 'Sea Fever', a carvel built 'Yachting World 5 ton', sailing cruiser.

 The hull with all fittings removed, primed and sheathed with stringers and netting.

 Plastering of the hull completed, and first primer paint coat applied to starboard side.

 Painted, and her fittings replaced, almost ready for re-commissioning.



 'The proof of the pudding'.

Re-commissioned (with wife at the helm), and returning from a shake-down cruise across the 'North Sea' .

Vessels up to 100 ft have been successfully sheathed by this process.

I have lost track of the many I have done over the years, but am

aware of the continued success of some I did more than 30 years ago.