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 Hi Colin ! Here are the photos of Lady Rose . Yacht is made by Matti Riipinen/ Finland 1980-86. Samson C-Crest -36, 12 tons. Height 15 m, depth 1,80 m (designed by J.J. Norris Canada). Seppo Häyrinen bought it in 1992 and sailed on Baltic sea and Finnins lakes and Circumnavigation the world years 1995-97. ( 50,000 miles)

 Lady Rose on the Finnish Lakes 1990 

 Lady Rose in Martinique

 Lady Rose in the Med 1997

I transmit you a photo of my yacht
'Treyco' in ferro cement. Constructed by myself in Switzerland in 1979 and it cruised more than 30,000 milles and 4 transatlantic. Design is by C.F.Norris. Plan is Samson C-Swallow 48' Cutter.

 45ft Samson C-Deuce 'Angelwhip', owned by Elizabeth and John Roberts of Canada


'Siesta Key', a 53ft Samson C-Lord designed by P.Noble

 There are nearly 200 more pictures of Samson & Hartley ferroboats at