Samson Gallery

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 Samson C-Strutter 'Stormstrutter', pictured during a Pacific cruise with her owner John Samson aboard. John a Canadian, joined forces with a group of designers and formed Samson Marine Designs Ltd. The group designed many fine craft.

  45' Samson C-Smoke on the hard in Trinidad

   Samson C-Spirit 'Drumbeat' owned by Bob Jones

 I own the Samson design yard-built ferro sloop pictured in the attachment. Finding your website by chance is a joy to me. I purchased "The Rock" after looking at many kinds of boats and found her to be the most bang for the buck. She has a 22 hp Sabb diesel with about 750 hrs on it, and running nicely. She is slow but true, well insulated and warm. A perfect Northwest/USA boat for me. I couldn't begin to have the comforts of another type of vessel for the money. She was built in 86, and well maintained by the two owners she has had since then. No cosmetic problems, no fuel leak lines in the hull, no lumpy lines, no cracks. Now that I know about your book and website, I am happy to have a place to share, and find information. Thankyou many times over already. Kind Regards, Dave Draper/Tour Manager/The Robert Cray Band.


  45' Samson C-Deuce 'Songkran'


  29' Samson C-Lion