A Gallery Of

Hartley Ferro-cement Boats

 There are nearly 200 more pictures of Hartley & Samson ferroboats at www.hartleyboatowners.org

  The first Mk1'Fijian 43'. Built by Colin Brookes

and below the same boat 30 years later.

 'Harliquin'. A Hartley 'North Sea 37' built by Hartley & Brookes and fitted out by her owner Stuart Lawrence and his father. 


 130ft Steam Yacht 'Blackwater Lady'.

Designed by Colin Brookes for the 'Vancouver Development Corp'. Specifications were that he hull was to be built in three sections to be assembled afloat after transportation to the launch site.

  Mk2 'Fijian 43', 'Khacha'. Built by Hartley & Brookes

Showing the much modified underwater shape.

 'Charmiela'. A 'Tahitian 37', (South Seas). She was line-winner by 2 days in the 'South Pacific Regatta', which is a 1,169 mile race for cruisers from Auckland to Fiji. F. The owners then took her on to Brisbane, Australia.. Below is an Australian built Hartley 'Blue Marlin 38'

  (above) Mk2 'Fijian 43', in a Majorca marina.

(below) Mk1 'Fijian 43' (built at 48'), in Gibralter harbour. She has been radically altered, a raised aft deck and transom hung rudder to name just a few.